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Flea Market Flip

United States - INSTRUCTOR: Staci Berg DATES: November 15 Repurpose an old frame into a work of functional art. Choose from the options of making a magnet boards, chalkboard or a serving tray as your...
WHERE: Escanaba, MI. Bonifas Fine Arts Center - 700 First Avenue South - Escanaba...
WHEN: Thu 11/15 @ 6:00 pm

The Art of Flowers with Dave Gafner

Recurring Event - See all) One event o - United States - INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dave Gafner DATES: October 18, November 15, December 6 Three part series Session 1 – Fall bulbs for spring flowers. Participant...
WHERE: Escanaba, MI. Bonifas Fine Arts Center - 700 First Avenue South - Escanaba...
WHEN: Thu 11/15 @ 5:30 pm [ +1 dates]

South Africa Hosts World Amateur Match Play

world match play gary player ccThe inaugural World Amateur Match Play Championship, which will take place at Sun City, South Africa in May 2019, is the first of its kind and a unique structure that allows every participating amateur to play through to the last putt on the final day, no eliminations.

Entries can be either as an individual who will be assigned to a 4-ball team made up of individual entries combining, players who are friends from difficult clubs or an entire team from one club . Any official club handicap index is valid, but a maximum of 24 for men and 30 for women. Each player competes in 12 x 6-hole Match Play competitions, rotating every six holes in a four-ball. Each six holes are stroked specifically from one to six for this championship so that there is an even spread of easy and difficult holes across each six holes played, making it equal for everyone. There are eight Trophy categories and the combined team score over 12 matches a day will position the team 1-8 in each of the Trophy divisions.

The final positions on the leaderboard after four days of play will determine who finishes in each trophy division with the Royal Crown including the Top 8 teams (1-8) and the Horseshoe Trophy the bottom eight (57-64). However, no one goes home empty-handed. Golfers are drawn to compete against similar handicaps with no more than a two-shot different after their club handicap indexes have been adjusted to the Championship course handicap.

The Gary Player Country Club, internationally renown as the Home of the Nebank Million Challenge hosted by Gary Player and compliant with strict U.S. PGA standards and the Lost City Golf Course, will be set up as enjoyable but challenging, where golfers will rotate over four days playing six matches on each course.

Packages all include golf and then your own choice of accommodation starting at the Sun Cabanas, Soho, Cascades and through to the absolute premier Sun Palace.

“Non-golfer packages include a choice of the maginificent facilities offered at Sun City and surrounding tourist attractions. We encourage all participants to spend a little extra time during their stay to enjoy pre- or post-championship tourism opportunities into the surrounding, magnificent game parks, further to the Kruger National Park and various other world class wildlife experiences,” says Craig Clay-Smith, tournament spokesperson.

This all-inclusive, true African wildlife, world-first golfing experience, provides a “ Pro Golfer Tour “ experience and all the luxuries and amenities of this world-renown resort, including a Luxury car Hole-in-One prize and thousands of dollars in amateur prizes.

Entries are limited for this Match Play format, so visit for more details and enter your team or as an individual.

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Dominate Distance In the Sand

In this video lesson on location at beautiful Pronghorn Resort near Bend, Oregon, Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor Jeff Ritter shows how to alter your approach in the greenside bunker depending on the distance the ball must travel. He calls it “dominate distance.”

Want more lessons from Jeff? Download his MAKE THE TURN GOLF app FREE.

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TGA Gets Kids Playing Golf

TGA Premier Golf (Teach, Grow, Achieve) has become the leading introductory program in the industry over the last 15 years. The only youth sports franchise company dedicated to golf, TGA introduces the game to youth (ages 5-13) on school campuses nationwide through its after-school enrichment model.

The unique and successful model provides an innovative curriculum combining golf skill progression with STEAM academics. The program is being utilized anywhere on school campuses regardless of weather, including gymnasiums, hallways, cafeterias, fields and blacktops.

With over 70 percent of its students having never played the game before, and a majority of those students’ families being in the middle to upper-class and paying for the programs, TGA has created a sustainable model that is building a foundation for the future of the game. Through its TGA Sports Foundation, under-resourced schools and families are also benefiting from the TGA program. TGA is leaving no child behind in learning the game of golf.

Following the after-school enrichment programs students continue through the TGA Player Pathway model which transitions students to local golf courses for camps, parent-child events and leagues. The program has also become one of the largest feeder systems into national programs like PGA Junior League, Drive, Chip and Putt, Youth on Course, as well as LPGA*USGA Girls, who also make up 42 percent of the participants in TGA programs. This was all highlighted in a recent National Golf Foundation story titled “TGA's Introductory Programs Are Helping Create a Pathway for Youth Golf.”

To date, TGA has introduced the game to over 750,000 kids in 3,400 schools nationwide in 68 markets and it continues to grow. More than 40,000 kids registered for the programs this fall, more schools are signing up, and additional franchise territories are coming online every month. TGA expects to reach one million kids through its programs over the next five years.

For more information visit

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