Gated Community Homes for Sale

Made in the USA

Lake Bluff Retirement Village offers gated community homes for sale that are surrounded by a fenced gate controlling access to pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles. The community is protected by a gated keycard and phone center allowing you to open the gate for visitors directly from your home with a full-time manager available. We strive to make your life as comfortable as possible.

Beautiful Lake Michigan is nearby our gated homes for sale and the view is not spoiled by utilities because they are all located underground. Also, our golf course is within the community for your scenic pleasure.

Our gated community has small residential streets that have shared amenities such as our premium golf course, storage units, dining area, community center, and banking.

Amenity Brief Details

  • Irish Oaks Golf Course
    • Irish Oaks Golf Course has developed into a lush 18-hole course in beautiful natural scenery surrounded by towering pines, oaks, and local wildlife.
  • Storage Units
    • Within the village itself, you can find numerous RV and storage rental units for your village retirement homes.
  • Irish Oaks Bar and Restaurant
    • The Irish Oaks Bar and Restaurant is a part of the Irish Oaks Golf Course, Serving a full menu Presented by Chef Chad Brooks!
  • Community Center
    • Take advantage of this complimentary amenity to read a book from the library, shoot a game of pool with your neighbor, play a game of euchre or cribbage, or get together for a morning cup of coffee.
  • Northern Michigan Bank & Trust
    • Our retirement village has its own banking institution to ease the burden of traveling. You will be within walking distance of this very prominent banking opportunity!

Safety of a Gated Community

Our gated community at Lake Bluff Retirement increases safety due to the fact that with a gated community through traffic is eliminated thus making it safer for the residents, guests, and children. Cutting down on accidents.

Theft, vandalism, and other crimes are restricted because only residents and security staff are the only ones allowed within the gated community.

Advantages of a Gated Community

Having access to the golf course, community center, restaurant, and other amenities are a great advantage of a gated community because only the residents will have access to these.

Gated communities in cities may encourage residents who would otherwise live in the suburbs to become urban dwellers, which can help with urban redevelopment.

Economic Impact of a Gated Community

Homes found within a gated community retain their value better when the market has a downturn. A tax boost can be given to municipalities that include gated communities to help the surrounding economy. 

Lots and Gated Community Homes for Sale

So what are you waiting for? Lots for building a new home or gated community homes for sale can be found by following the links.