Homes and Lots for Sale!

Homes for Sale

Made in the USA

We are one of the best retirement communities in Michigan that offers the best view, clean air, nearby fishing, hunting, boating, golfing, theater, plays, shopping and much more!

Some of our retirement residences are quality manufactured homes which meet and exceed industry standards and are offered in a many floor plan models with the option to create your own. Your home can be set on a large variety of different lots depending on your preference. Right along the golf course or, set back into the village itself, the choice is yours but choose a lot while you can. They are sure to go quickly!

View our homes for sale listed below to see what we offer or buy one of our lots and put up the home of your choice instead.

Lots for Sale

If you are looking for lots to put up your affordable senior housing then this is the place for you! We are partners with a home builder to get you what you need.

With our picturesque landscape overlooking our golf course, you will be sure to enjoy the scenery. With the neighbors you have, you can also be sure to enjoy the quiet and solitude of your own home in our retirement community!

Where would you like a lot???

  • Close to the golf course?
  • Close to an edge of a clump of trees?
  • Near the community center where people gather to visit?
  • Contact us today at 1-877-428-0085 to find out what lots are available!

Available Lots
[Note: The grid below is not necessarily representative of actual lot size or shape.]

  • Green = Sold
  • Yellow = Lot for Sale
  • Red = House for Sale

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Lot Map