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Retirement Village Utilities

All utilities, electrical, water, and sewage for your retirement village home are provided by the city of Gladstone so you can expect quality service and around the clock expert maintenance.

Electrical and phone services are underground for every lot so there are no unsightly telephone poles or miles of cable to obstruct your view or cause problems with nearby trees.

Area utilities that the City of Gladstone provides are electric, water, waste water and refuse pick up services within our city limits.  To have services provided for your new address please call 906-428-3737 or contact us to help you set things up for you.

Our area is serviced by the following for other utilities:

DTE – Natural Gas

Telephone Services
ATT         800-464-7928
Charter   888-438-2427

Cable Television
Charter   888-438-2427

We do not endorse any of these companies for your service.  This listing has been compiled as a service for new residents on providers available in our area.

This is the type of planning and insight we include in all developments so you can be sure that the future of our village will always remain as pristine as possible!