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Senior Citizens Living

Senior citizens living at our beachesThe beach in the city of Gladstone will be something you notice continually from one exit road leaving the village.

Approximately 3 miles from the village itself sits Van Cleve Park where the activities are highlighted by the shoreline of gorgeous public beaches which are supervised for the young and our senior citizens.

Living this close to the beach is definitely a plus! The beach itself is the center of attention wrapped in the park which houses picnic areas, kids kingdom playground, softball games, bathhouse facilities, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, fitness courses, biking, and more.

Further to the south is the city of Escanaba with a large facility of Ludington Park and also monitored beaches.

With nearly a mile of beach to choose from you can be sure to find a slice of sand to call your own.

You can also find volleyball courts, harbor hideout kids playground, tennis, softball, basketball, fitness stations, picnic areas, pavilions, and more.

With either choice, you’re sure to find a relaxing and pleasant day at the beach without fighting large crowds or traffic.