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Retirement Fishing Communities in Michigan: Why Lake Bluff Retirement is the Best

  • 30,000 acres of fishing waters
  • Estimated walleye population of over 400,000 according to the DNR
  • Carefully managed and protected throughout the years, the Bays de Noc has emerged as one of the best freshwater fishing locations in the United States.
  • More than 20,000 fish have been planted to sustain the fishery in the last three years.
  • This is where the Masters Walleye Circuit Championship is held.

fishingYou would be hard pressed to find as many fishing opportunities anywhere else in the world.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan offers some of the most diverse and quality fishing you could possibly imagine. Literally minutes from the Retirement Village is Little Bay De Noc. Noted for its superb walleye fishing, Little Bay also harbors a well-stocked program including whitefish, trout, perch, bass, northern pike, salmon, and more.

The immediate area is a perfect example of how you can be fishing walleyes and bass from the boat in the morning, then venture out with a fly rod on a stream or river for gorgeous brook trout, rainbows, and browns, in the afternoon.

Also adding to the natural beauty and convenience are the numerous inland ponds and lakes with specialty fish species. You just can’t go wrong if you truly enjoy fishing or boating in this area. Add the convenience of living in a secure gated community and you surely have a place where you can hang your hat and call home.

View some of our fishing seasons and daily limits by clicking here for local DNR fishing reports and stocking programs.