A beautiful way to live with Retirement Homes in Michigan with Hunting nearby!

Hunting around our retirement homes in Michigan

Retirement Homes in Michigan with Hunting nearby!The vast woods around Michigan are home to many species of wild animals including the ever-elusive white-tailed deer, black bears, ruffed grouse, wild turkeys, rabbits, and more. You just have to visit this unspoiled wilderness to appreciate it’s beauty and abundance of wild animals.

Nearly any direction you travel from our retirement homes in Michigan, you can find thousands of acres of state land open to public hunting but yet not overcrowded with hunters.

Sporting clay shoots and numerous sporting goods shops can be found around nearly every corner to help you stay in focus and keep you in practice during the off-season.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the outdoors, this will be a perfect compliment to your lifestyle.

For more information on rules, regulations, and seasons, we welcome you to take a look at the Michigan DNR website and see for yourself all that this area has to offer for the sportsmen and women.